What To Expect

We realize that, as you prepare for your first visit with a new specialist, it can be hard to know what to expect. Not very many people have to see a neuro-ophthalmologist, so you may not know anyone who has seen a neuro-ophthalmologist before.

Though your experience will be based on your specific condition, here are some things you can expect to happen before and after your appointment:

Before Your Appointment

From the moment you or your doctor contact us to schedule an appointment, we begin to work on getting you registered in our system. We contact your doctors to get copies of the medical records related to your condition. This process can take days, sometimes weeks.

Once we have gotten your medical records, the doctor will review your medical records before you even arrive at your appointment. Depending on how many records you have, this can take up to several hours! While you can bring your medical records with you to your appointment, it may speed up your appointment if the doctor has these records available before the visit.

During Your Appointment

After you check-in, you will meet one of our technicians or the doctor, who will ask you some questions about your condition, and check your vision and a few other measurements regarding your eyes and visual function.

You may need to have special tests in the office, depending on what type of problem you have and what has recently been done. You may need to have your pupils dilated so that the doctor can closely examine the inside of your eyes. After the doctor is finished examining your eyes and vision, the doctor will spend some time talking with you about your condition, any additional tests or treatments you may need, and answering any questions you may have.

After Your Appointment

The doctor may need to order some tests to help determine your condition. As you check out, you will meet with one of our staff to schedule a return appointment and discuss any tests the doctor is ordering, or any treatments you may need to have.